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The structure of Wellbeing Pipe
The transparent plastic pipes are filled with ceramic pellets combined with oxidized metals (metals-oxide).
Above the pipe is UV-light , blackligth - UVA tubes.
Ultraviolet rays produces electrons after reacting with ceramic pellets.

How normal water is converted into function water.
After producing electrons, the ceramic pellets replenish electrons through the resolution of water molecules. The production of hydrogen occurs in the processed water. This processed water (hydrogenate water) becomes function water which then affects and activates the normal bacterial flora in pigs bowel. Thus it functions as deterrent to odor causing bacterial. As a result, odors from pig manure are reduced tremendously.
And like You see in Test Results water affects to many bacterias and things.

How to install Wellbeing Pipe.
Wellbeing Pipe is only needs to be installed to the existing water supply pipe. It is that simple!
Only one Wellbeing Pipe is required per about 1,000 pigs. Most restrictive is water-flow, it should be 25-30 l/min per pipe.
If in the case the water is not sterilized and clean, the Wellbeing Pipe may get covered with algae and other dirt. Therefore, a normal water sterilization/cleaning system is required in order to maintain the normal function of Wellbeing Pipe.

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